Tax Day Tea Party Rally

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Click the Image to Download the Brochure

The public is invited to our Tax Day Tea Party Rally on the Boston Common, Saturday, April 13. This is a family friendly event, including live music and national and local speakers covering a variety of topics relating to limited government and individual liberty in Massachusetts and nationwide. Our rally will be located at the Parkman Bandstand from 1-3 p.m. Live music by People’s Blowback starting at noon.

MC – Tom Duggan, Publisher, Valley Patriot newspaper, Radio talk host

Keynote speaker – Grover Norquist — President, Americans for Tax Reform and representing Citizens for Limited Taxation

Dr. Keith Ablow – Author, FOX NEWS expert on psychiatry

Ron Shaich – Cofounder, No Labels (No Budget, No Pay), CEO/Founder, Panera Bread
Special appearance by hip hop artist AndresDraMatik” Gonzales
Jeff Katz – Coach, Columnist, Broadcaster
Jeff Kuhner – Radio talk host, Washington Times Columnist
Paul Craney – Executive Director, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance
Aaron Goldstein – Writer for The American Spectator
Jim Wallace – Executive Director, Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL)
Todd Feinburg — Radio talk host
Jessica Vaughan – Director of Policy Studies at the Center for Immigration Studies
Jake Danishevsky – Soviet-born Jewish American, Author, ”AfterTastes and Tales from Russia”
Andrea Taber – President/Founder, Ever So Humble Pie Company, AKA “Whoopie Pie Lady”
Alexis MonahanStudents for Liberty

9 thoughts on “Tax Day Tea Party Rally

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  2. Politics is killing us. It is the tool our global government uses to keep us servants to this government. We as a “free people” must somehow rise above this or we will continue to lose civil liberties, as they slowly are turning into privileges. Does anyone have any ideas on a plan of action to restore our republic while we may still do it peacefully ?

    • Thousands of citizens need to heed the call and run for local political office. As local level public servants, we are in a position to preserve local sovereignty while exhibiting how conservative principles empower individuals and hold government accountable all the while building a base of support for themselves as candidates and for the principles of limited government and individual liberty. These men and women should be following state government and officials as they watch for the opportunity to “move up the ladder.” As we work to replace state level liberals with conservatives, we are always looking to replace fed representatives with proven conservatives from lower levels of government.

      This is not a two election or four election project. It took us generations to get where we are, it will take generations to get back. I say start locally because of the ability to resist and fight back against bug government encroachment at that level, especially via zoning and school committees. It is also an effective way of slowly weaning people off dependence on government.

      I know there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the “career politician” type amongst tea party members but we don’t seem to have that problem with politicians who vote the way we want them to vote. We should, before attacking people, realize there is value in moving up the ranks. It affords public servant the opportunity the build a base of support necessary to compete at the federal level while also seeing firsthand how big government gets in the way of local authority – a lesson important for state and fed level legislators & executives. Plus, it gives us, the voters, an opportunity to quickly depose anyone who gets lulled into adopting big government ways. Removing someone from town government is easier than voting someone out of congress.

      When an individual decides to run for local office, they do one more thing that is beneficial to us all. They ignite a new level of interest in the family, friends and neighbors around them. This is critical. We need more people to “wake up”. Having someone in their social/school/church circle run for local office is a way of getting people engaged in the political process where they might not have been before.

      Lots of work to do, no? To learn more about running for local office and or how to help out a local (or any) campaign, check out the New Leaders Project at They have great tutorials!

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